BeSalsa Summer Intensive Bootcamps 2017


Full Program:


Saturday (partner work)


Spinning partner work workshop:

60min class where we will focus on leading and following a pattern that focuses on turns, Improve speed, being light on your feet, soften your arms. 


Musicality (no theory workshop)

Like the name says we won't spend an hour breaking down instruments.

We will focus on the structure of salsa music, predict hits or the breaks in the song and how to move accordingly. 
You will not learn a pattern but a partner work class full of exercices to improve your connection with the music & your partner


Break the rules - Be playful:

Let's be crazy! We will go over the endless possibilities of how to be different in your dancing. We'll use improvisation exercices to work on your creativity and to be different than all the others at party's.


Sunday (solo, no partner work)


Pachanga (2 levels)

We will have 2 instructors for you whether you want to discover the basics of pachanga or if you want to explore pachanga on a higher level


Mambo shines

60 min class where we will work on typical New York footwork.

ps: mambo shines doesn't mean super hard and super fast.
We will work with all kinds of different songs. Some slow, some faster. 


Body Movement (Salsa & Afro Cuban)

we we'll work in different stages :

1) Isolations

2) incorpating latin footwork with the isolations

3) Afro cuban rumba combined with some salsa footwork


  • When:

    • Saturday Sept 2nd 2017 14:00-17:00 -> Intermediate & advanced 

    • Sunday Sept 3rd 2017 14:00-17:00 -> intermediate & advanced 


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  • Price: Early bookings are cheaper!

Before Aug 28th


1 bootcamp: 30€

2 bootcamps: 50€ 


After Aug 28th & at the door:


1 bootcamp: 35€

2 bootcamps: 60€ 


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