BeSalsa Battle & Social


  • 2-3pm: Before the start of the social and the battle we will be holding salsa classes for all levels.

  • 3-7pm: social

  • 4-4.30pm: Start of the battle.




We only sell 80 Tickets:

Advanced tickets: $10

at the door (if any): $15

Purchase tickets:

  • at BeSalsa studio

  • through eventbrite:  

  • with Venmo phone app (contact Kevin Benamar)

BeSalsa is Happy & Proud to offer you an unique concept!


BeSalsa Battle & Social:

We will be holding 1 or 2 times a month a FRIENDLY battle demonstration between 2 schools.

The battle will be held during the Salsa & Bachata SOCIAL


BeSalsa Battle Royale:

Yes we know you are always looking for a champion, so we will organise a competition at the end of the year where all schools will get a chance to battle each other in 1 night!


The goals of our BeSalsa Battles:

- To unify Dance Schools and create an envirement to work together`

- To promote every single school out there and to motivate students to join dance schools who are working full time to provide you the best.

- To bring the best teachers out there to join and work hand in hand with dance schools.


The goals of our BeSalsa Battle Royale:

- Who's the best?

Crowd and professional dancers will be the judges.


Rules for the BeSalsa Battle:

- 5 active company members of each school (no guests)

- you have to Represent a dance school and not a team of dancers put together.

- Battles will be strictly footwork, no partner work. we are avoiding a battle of lifts.

- each battle will represent 1 style: salsa, bachata, cha cha, afro... & be composed of 2 to 3 rounds of the same style.

- There won't be a winner. It is a friendly battle. You will have to wait for the BeSalsa Battle Royale.

- Schools from all around the world can join the battles (contact us if you're interested in joining us)




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