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Gao Yunlong




Yunlong Gao,

2008 Born and raised in Mudanjiang (China), Yunlong moved to Antwerp, Belgium when he was 23 to pursuit his diploma of Global Management; after 3 years, he moved to Leuven (Belgium) for his work.


2011 Yunlong started his first Salsa class “On 1” as a hobby in Leuven, Belgium.


2012 In less than three months of starting dancing salsa, he chased to follow another Leuven dancing school named “Salsa Flash” instructed by Joao Petronilho for a higher level of dancing.


2013 It was not until this year that Yunlong’s passion for dancing “On 2″ was developed. With much enthusiastic, he taught himself how to dance “On 2 -New York Style”, with the dream of becoming a good “On 2” Salsa dancer. It is also this year Yunlong got to know Kevin Benamar’s dancing school BeSalsa (Instructed by Lukas) and Sensuel Bachata (Korke & Judith)


2014 Yunlong followed advance salsa on2 classes by Maria Szumielewicz & Talal Benlahsen in Brussels. Later the year, he followed class at BeSalsa (Belgium) to start learning world-level techniques. Meanwhile he followed workshops in most European dance Congresses.


2015 Yunlong was invited to join Salsa Show Team of “Grupo Salsa me encanta” (Belgium), instructed by “Collaert Gaetan”. It’s also this year he joined BeSalsa (Belgium) as a Salsa and Bachata instructor under the supervision of Kevin Benamar. He had the chance to follow private training with Korke & Judith for his passion for Sensual Bachata.


2016 Yunlong will be trained in New York City intensively by Kevin Benamar and was instructed by other world famous Salsa Masters



Yunlong Gao was mainly trained by:


Collaert Gaetan (Belgium - Linear on1&2 Salsa)

Joao Petronilho (Belgium - Linear on1 Salsa)

Carl Hourcau (Belgium - Linear on1 Salsa)

Maria Szumielewicz & Talal Benlahsen (Poland & Belgium - Linear on2 Salsa)

Pierre-Luc Dostie Proulx (Canada – Linear on1 Salsa)

Kevin Benamar (New York City- Linear on1&2 Salsa, Bachata)

Korke y Judith (Spain – Sensuel Bachata)


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