Kevin Benamar 

Founder & Director 

Performer & Competitor
Teacher - Choreographer & Coach



Teacher  Salsa On1 & On2

Level 1, 2, 3

Makiko Nakamura





2000 started to dance Hiphop in Nagoya, Japan. 


2002 Selected as a hiphop dancer to be a dancer of  "X-tream dance team" in Sunshine Coast, Australia.


2004 Have started to take Cuban salsa training with Hermes marrero who is a founder of Hermes dance company which is one of the biggest salsa/bellydance company in Nagoya, Japan. Also studied with many Cuban dancers from dance company "Nacional television de Ballet" in Cuba. Been to Cuba to study Cuban salsa every year in 2005 to 2010.


Also have trained with Cuban casino, on1 style, Bachata, Merrengue, Cuban showdance, Reggaeton, Jazz, and Hiphop. 

Became a one of the principal dancers and instructors in the company. 


2006 Have started to take bellydance training with Amar Gamar who is a co-founder of Bellyqueen dance company. 


2008 Have started to study with Kaeshi Chai who is also a co-founder of Bellyqueen. 


Since then, performing at "Gorgeous Arabian Night", "World Bellydance Festival" and "Oriental Dream" as a main dancer every year in Japan. 


2012 relocated to New York City. 


2013 Changed status as a professional salsa and bellydancer. 


2014 Became a competition winner with Bellydance Evolution in Sydney, Australia and was selected as the very first belly dance choreographer to be showcased at the prestigious 2014 7th Annual Choreographer’s Canvas in NYC. 


2015 Met Kevin Benamar and became into on2 New York style salsa. Have started to teach on2 style and Bachata at BeSalsa.

Performing as a one of principal dancer in Bellyqueen Wold Silk Road tour in Tokyo, Japan and Bangkok, Thailand.

Has started to perform and be a co-host role in a comedy show "BATSU!" by Face off unlimited. 


2016 Performing as a one of principal dancer in Bellyqueen Wold Silk Road tour in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia and Milan, Italy.

Had a special work shop as a guest dancer in Ancona, Italy. 


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