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Natalie Alanna



Alanna, Natalie


2009:  After four years of dancing and competing, Natalie sought out the expertise and coaching of World Professional International Latin Champion Corky Ballas and moved to Houston, TX to learn from him. She began teaching at Dance With Stars Academy, discovering how much she enjoyed inspiring others to love to dance as she does.


2011:  Natalie then, after two years of competing and winning Pro/Am titles in Latin, moved to San Antonio, TX to open and operate a studio for Éilan. 


2012:  After she completed the task in San Antonio, Natalie returned to her native New York to continue to pursue her own advancement in dance as well as to bring her love of teaching to her hometown. Upon her arrival, the first thing she did was join a highly competitive dance program at Broadway Dance Center to round out her dance knowledge to include Ballet, Hip Hop and Street Jazz. After the program, her love of learning lead her to continue to broaden her repertoire of dance from just the International 10 dances to include various other styles such as American Style, Argentine Tango, Lindy Hop, Hustle, Bachata and Salsa (on 1 & on 2). This is also where she met Kevin Benamar.


2015:  Good friends for over two years, when Kevin opened BeSalsa New York and asked Natalie to join his team, she was all too excited to be a part of the brand new venture.


Natalie’s Dance Titles include:

- 1st place in the Open International Latin Pro/Am Competition (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

- 1st place in the Open Rising Star International Pro/Am Competition (Orlando, Florida)

- 2nd place in the Open Gold International Latin Pro/Am Competition (Tampa, Florida)


Currently Living in New York, she competes & performs and continues teaching dance to anyone who wants to learn.


Natalie Alanna was mainly trained by:


• Corky Ballas (International Latin)

• Delyan Terziev (International Latin)

• Cristiano Callegari (International Latin)

• Shirley Ballas (International Latin)

• Daniel Calloway (International Latin and Standard)

• Peter Eggleton (International Standard)

• Kevin Benamar (Salsa on 2)

• Andrey Silantyev (Ballet)

• Dorit Koppel (Ballet)

• Liane Plane (Ballet)

• Ephrat Asherie (Hip Hop)

• AntBoogie (Hip Hop/Street Jazz)

• Eric Jenkins (Hip Hop/Street Jazz)



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