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Scarlett Varga




Scarlett Varga,

1993-2000: Ballroom dance. Scarlett got her first violet dancing shoes when she was 7 and started ballroom dance in her hometown in Romania.


2000-2006: Giving up on ballroom due to personal reasons, she looked for alternatives aiming to keep in touch with dancing, so she joined her highschool’s dance group and performed on small, regional and local festivals and celebrations.


2006-2010: During her University years, as student in Cluj Napoca, she got acquainted with salsa (cuban and L.A) and bachata. Later, as part of the Napoca Dance/Salsa Caliente dance school (instructed by Lucian Ambrosie) she participated in occasional presentations and rueda de casino competitions.


Continuing her studies in the United Kingdom, she started giving level 1 and 2 (beginners and intermediates) amateur classes at the University of Kent.


She got introduced to New York (on2) salsa in Brussels, Belgium.


2013-2014: To follow her passion for the latin dance and culture, Scarlett took an 8 month long trip in Latin America, during which she also spent 1 months in Buenos Aires learning tango (DNI, La Viruta).


2015: She joins the BeSalsa team to continue her training and perfecting her skills both as a dancer and as an instructor under the supervision of Kevin Benamar.


She regularly attends national and international festivals and congresses and you can be sure to meet her at your next event.



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