BeSalsa was created to give people the opportunity in building great social networks through dance and learning to just BE yourself in a world where we’re all the same.

The BeSalsa team will help you explore your style on the dance floor.

Some of our objectives:

  • Create unique dancers; dancers who’ll understand the feeling of the music and be able to express their feelings through the dance.

  • Offer you quality and structered classes all the time whith qualified instructors.

  • Give the opportunity to dancer to travel and train abroad.

  • Give the opportunity to teachers to learn and to work in professional envirement trough our Dance Teacher Program and to help them achieve becoming full time dancers.


If you want to have fun, meet new people, learn through the newest didactic techniques in a great atmosphere and to become an experienced dancer in no time, you’re right where you’re supposed to be: BeSalsa


We are now able to offer our services in 3 locations: Belgium, Spain and Switzerland


"BeSalsa, a place to just be yourself"

Kevin Benamar
Founder & Director