Dance Teacher program

DTP is a program developed to train aspiring teachers to teach for BeSalsa all over the world.


Dreaming of teaching in a structured environment? 

Becoming a full time or part time professional dancer?

It's possible with the right attitude, commitment and patience.

You can learn about:

  • structure in your classes

  • a syllabus that will help you understand how to breakdown everything in details

  • learn the difference between styling and technique

  • dance history

  • why anatomy and law of physics are important

  • dance & teacher etiquette (behaviour)

  • adapt your teaching to different people, different classes (privates, groups, entertainment) different levels (difference between beginners and advanced students or mix levels in same class)

  • how to manage a business

  • music structure and being musical

  • different dance styles

  • opportunity teach in all our locations from Europe, to the US to Mexico

  • A chance to work and dance with people from all over the world


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