NYC Dance Experience



NYC Dance Experience is open to any type of dancer regardless their background (ballet or hip hop,...) or of their level

to become better or yet try to master the latin dances.





Option 1: Unlimited group classes --> cheap way to dance hard core if you're staying for a limited amount of time in New York --> click here


Option 2: Intensive training: --> privates + Unlimited group classes


You’ll get:

- Training for 1 week = 14hours of intensive private training (normal rates apply)

(Footwork, body movement, partner work, musicality, spinning, history, style, teaching methodology from privates to group classes,… You’ll get it all)

- get unlimited acces to all our group classes for that same week

- To go to the best socials in New York

- To take additional classes with other top quality instructors in any styles.

- Visit New York City and enjoy your free time when you’re not training.




- Willing to improve

- Willing to enjoy a great holiday in New York

- Willing to pay for your flight, private classes and food


Don't miss this opportunity.


Because you’re taking more than 10 classes, your classes are even cheaper!

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