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  • Single class: 15€

  • Monthly memberships:

    • ​1 class/week: 40€/month (10€/class)

    • 2 classes/ week: 60€/month (7.5€/class)

    • unlimited: 200€/month (8€/class)


Promo - monthly memberships: 

  • Unlimited: 100€/month (3,3€/class)


Rewards for current students: 

  • Purchase your unlimited pass and get 50% on 5 private classes

    • ​Only 150€ in stead of 300€




  • Single class 60min:    35CHF

  • Monthly memberships:

    • ​1 class/week:        90CHF/month 

    • 2 classes/week:  150CHF/month 

    • unlimited:             280CHF/month



**50% DISCOUNT: For experienced On1 dancers that would like to join the Beginner On2 class



NEW Promotions - monthly memberships:

  • ​1 class/week:        60CHF/month 

  • 2 classes/week:    80CHF/month

  • unlimited:            130CHF/month


Rewards for current students: 

Refer a new student to get a monthly membership and get:

  • 1class/week:      20CHF BeSalsa credit on your next package. 

  • 2classes/week:  30CHF BeSalsa credit on your next package.

  • Unlimited:           40CHF BeSalsa credit on your next package


Sin Matricula

  • clases sueltas: 15€

  • Mensuales:

    • ​1 clase/semana: 40€/mes (10€/clase)

    • 2 clases/semana: 60€/mes (7.5€/clase)

Recompensas para estudiantes actueles: 

  • Recibes tu proximo mes gratis cuando tu amigo (nuevo alumno) compra une clase mensual.


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