We offer more than regular dance classes! Have a look below!

Creating your Website


We create the perfect site for your business, personal brand, event, or portfolio. Here's our latest work:

We make your Flyers

In need of Flyers to promote something you love?

Business, Events, party's, classes, weddings, birthdays,... We do it all!

Save time and get something worth your budget!

Certified Dance Teacher

Everything you need to know to be a renowned instructor. You'll be able to answer all your students questions.

We'll go over our fundamentals that you can see here and you will understand how they relate and why they are placed in their specific level.


We will always start with level 1 and it is the hardest one to learn because everything relates with the basics. Most people don't understand the difficulty till they start working with us.

Online Dance Classes

Learn from the best instructors

Unlimited access for a very low price.

Different memberships: 1, 3, 6 or 12 months


Salsa On1, On2, all levels partner work & footwork - Bachata (sensual, moderna, dominicana) - Body movement classes - Styling classes


Once a member you can message us about any questions you have about the video. We'll make sure you have it.

Work like you were in the studio next to your favorite instructor.

Wedding Dance

We'll choreograph your dream song and we will coach you to dance like a pro. We will help you to look as good as the people you see in those movies you love. A magical moment is what we offer for you to record, to keep and remember for a life time.

DJ Services

You have a party? We have the DJ's.

No more amateurs or friends of friends doing a bad job. We offer you well prepared and experienced Dj's for affordable prices.

A night of great music ahead of you!

Birthdays, clubs, festivals, congresses, weddings or any other party,

You can count on us!


After School Program
for kids & teens

Learning to dance is a very important part of a teenager growth just like math and science. They can use what they learn through dancing as a way to express their feelings and communicate with their body.



Business Management

We'll teach all you need to know from:

- Finding new customers

- Reducing costs

- Handle your teams

- Promotion

- social media

- and more

High Fashion & Custom Made

NemräC Style offers timeless sophisticated and urban designed feminine and masculine collections that extend the boundaries of the unexpected through an innovative vision of fashion, elegance and refinement. From design, to patternmaking and production, every step is HAND MADE in Montreal, Canada.


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