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Student performance classes!

Take your salsa to

the next level!

Choreographer: Kevin Benamar


- former dancer of Santo Rico

- former dancer of Oliver Pineda's dance school

- former dancer of Baila Society

- Founder and Director of BeSalsa


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The BeSalsa Student Teams are a great chance for you to dramatically improve your dance style and technique while also learning essential performance skills designed to make you stand out, whether on the stage or on the dance floor.

Unlike regular classes, important skills will be taught in a more detailed fashion. Particular attention is given to:


  • Posture

  • Stage Projection

  • Expression

  • Balance

  • Sharpness

  • Technique improvement

  • Memorization

  • Lines


The students will receive intense group and personal attention from the instructors to ensure that they focus on specific areas requiring improvement. The course requires teamwork, dedication, patience and effort from all involved. 

All in all it's a great way to build confidence and most importantly getting comfortable and just having fun on stage.

We will start a brand new 10 weeks cycle for you to be part of our Salsa performance classes.


The BeSalsa Student teams are open to ALL students of levels 2 and up.


Learn fun choreography, while gaining invaluable performance training, tips and personalized attention. 


What will you learn:
- Salsa team: Footwork Routine Focusing on Body Movement & Musicality (no partner work)
Break down of Body movement that will be used in the routine through cool footwork and learn a ton of combinations that can be used to become more musical while social dancing.



  • Durantion: 10 weeks (week of June 15th - Sept )


  • When: Write down your favorite day and time in the registration sheet: click here
    Salsa team: 2 hours/week 
    + extra rehearsals with your teammates

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  • Price: $199/team for 20 hours of practice ($9.95/hour)

  • 15 students max


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