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Fitness Class

1 class/1cours: 15€

*1 free beginner class 
*1 cours débutant gratuit

Ballroom Dancing Lessons

1 month/1mois:


Starting at 45€

Dancing During Carnaval

3 months/3mois:


Starting at 40€


Dancing Salsa

1 year/1an:


Starting at 35€


Prices - Tarifs
Select your favorite - choisi ta préférence

Monthly Memberships Brussels

How motivated are you?

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memberships 2 beginner.png
memberships 1 basic.png

Nouveaux étudiants
New students

Monthly membership BE

Loyalty program: Dance All Year

1 school year = 32 weeks of classes
Breaks: 2 weeks both Christmas & Easter + months of July and August
Start: When are you ready? Let's go!

BeSalsa (unlimited classes) : 75€/month
Motivated (3 classes/week) : 60€/month
Starters (2 classes/week) : 50€/month
Basic (1 class/week) : 35€/month

Personal Dance Program: 
The only dance school offering such a program

We will not only have a look at the best classes for your development as a dancer to achieve your goals, we will also follow up 2x year and redirect you if necessary.
This fun an unique experience will change the way you take dance classes.
Yes, there is more:

You will be recorded and evaluated both at the beginning & the end of your personal program with Director of BeSalsa Kevin Benamar to give you the ideal experience that you deserve. 
To remember this experience forever you will receive the digital file so you can look back at this one of a kind memory whenever you want.

Annual Memberships Brussels

Annual membership BE

Important notes:

  • 1 single class: 15€ (will be deducted after any purchased membership)

  • 1 month = 4 weeks = 28days

  • Monthly memberships: we don't use automated payement. Students have to pay their membership every month if they wish to continue. 

  • Breaks: we follow most school holidays. If your plan starts 1 week before our break, it will resume once our break is over. (Note: other special activities can still be organised during the official breaks)


  • invite 1 new student that takes a monthly pass and add another Free month to your current membership.

  • Free class (level 1): Try out for free 1 beginner salsa class. If you sign up for a membership, the class will be included in your membership. Check out our monthly packages

By becoming a member, or making a class purchase, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.




  • 1 cours à l'unité : 15€ (sera déduit après l'achat d'un abonnement)

  • 1 mois = 4 semaines = 28 jours

  • Abonnement: Nous n'utilisons pas de payement automatisé.
    L'étudiant devra être en ordre de payment tout les mois pour pouvoir accéder à ses cours. 

  • Vacances: Nous suivons la majorité des vacances scolaire de Belgique. Si vous commencer 1 semaine avant les vacances votre abonnement reprendra des que les vacances seront fini.


  • invitez 1 ami! si vous votre ami prend un abonnement, vous recevrez 1 mois GRATUIT qui sera rajouté à votre abonnement actuel.

  • Cours gratuit (level 1/débutant): Essayez gratuitement 1 cours de Salsa débutant sans engagement. Si vous prenez un abonnement, ce cours sera inclus dans votre abonnement.

En prenant un abonnement, ou en participants à nos cours et autres activités, vous acceptez nos conditions: Terms & Conditions. (anglais uniquement)

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