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1 class

1 hour

25 CHF

1 class a week
(Basic membership)

1 month

90 CHF

3 months

85 CHF/month

1 month

3 months

135 CHF/month

150 CHF

2 classes a week
(Starters membership)

classes a week
(Motivated membership)

1 month

210 CHF

3 months

190 CHF/month

unlimited classes
(BeSalsa membership)

1 month

270 CHF

3 months

245 CHF/month

Dance more, Pay less

- 3 month membership is cheaper
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Important notes:

  • 1 single class: 25chf (will be deducted after any purchased membership)

  • 1 month = 4 weeks = 28days

  • Monthly memberships: we don't use automated payement. Students have to pay their membership every month.

  • Breaks: we follow school holidays in Geneva. If your plan starts 1 week before our break, it will resume once our break is over. (Note: other special activities can still be organised during the official breaks)


  • invite 1 new student that takes a monthly pass and add another Free month to your current membership.

  • Free class (level 1): Try out for free 1 beginner salsa class. If you sign up for a membership, the class will be included in your membership. Check out our monthly packages

By becoming a member, or making a class purchase, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.


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